Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Current Loves

Here's a list of things I'm currently completely obsessed with:

Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  It's on BBC and has been aired on PBS and you can see the first season on Netflix.  A. Maze. Ing.  Seriously, watch the first episode immediately.

The Joint Base Andrews thrift store.  Well, any thrift store.  My job, when I'm not on maternity leave, is very very stressful, so it's nice to take a Starbucks break and head over to glance through the discarded treasures, like these cute little birds I picked up.  Hmm...keep them white or paint them something bright?

Finding fun things to do with my toddler, like paint the cardboard "castle" his dad made him.  It's messy, and since I can't pick him up for another few weeks, I need help getting him in the tub, but he had a great time doing this!

Once Upon a Time.  First season also on Netflix.  Yeah, yeah, it's another TV show, but what else do I have to do while pumping breastmilk?  I need a distraction from the cow-like feeling I get.  This is a really cute show, involving fairy tale characters.  Good times.  And I have a huge crush on Prince Charming and Pinocchio.

Sweet notebooks from Target
 Finally, I bought three of these awesome customizable notebooks from Target.  One for each kid, so I put an "A" in one, a "C" in one, and the other will be a mystery for baby #3 whenever he/she comes around.  I bought these to put hilarious things that my kids say, so I've just started putting in Avery's recent words and sayings. 

Anything you're digging at the moment to share?


Sandy said...

When Ryan was born, Dana & Ed Siegal gave us a blank book called "My Quotable Kid." You swear you'll never forget the funny things they say, but you do. It's one of the best baby presents we ever got! Even now I love re-reading entries from a year ago.

Also, someone commented to me recently that they didn't understand why the British have the reputation for being so much classier and more cultured than Americans. My answer was, "The BBC?" 'Nough said.

Alison Beach said...

I know! It took me a while to remember all the things that he's said in the past to include in his book. Can't wait until he starts stringing together really silly sentences.

Currently watching the Forsyte Saga on Netflix, straight outta Britain - so good!