Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spur-of-the-moment project

So we have this dining room set that I bought off my friend Gabi when we moved (one of the many times we've moved).  It's our ok-for-now-until-we-find-a-real-dining-room-table-we-love table.

It's a little sentimental because it's Avery's first "big boy" table because he sits in it like the adults.  In fact, he knows whose seat belong to whom.  "Daddy's seat!" "Mommy's seat!" "Avery's seat!" "Paw-paw's seat!"  So, in a rare moment of nothing to do, I decided to assign seats using chalkboard paint.  I simply taped the chairs off to only leave the chalkboard part open and went to town with the same chalkboard paint I used for my Halloween pumpkins.

Then, I just wrote our names on the chairs and all done.

See?  How cute, and it took me about 20 minutes to do.

Labeled anything of yours lately?


Amanda B. said...


Question: did you use the spray chalkboard paint or the regular chalkboard paint? I am about to embark on a project using it and we picked up the spray kind and I am wondering if I made the right choice...

Alison Beach said...

Spray paint - totally easy and it looked great. Just start from far back to get used to the spray.