Friday, November 23, 2012


 That's Avery's adorable way of saying thank you.  And on this week-o-thanks, here's what I'm most thankful for:

  1. Jon, Avery, and Cassidy.  Obviously, have you seen these cuties?
  2. My job.  Yeah, I bitch about it a lot, but it's challenging, I bring in some sweet money, and a lot of people don't have jobs so I shouldn't complain so much.  I also never have to choose what to wear or how to do my hair in the morning.  Time saver.
  3. Skinny Cow desserts.  So delicious AND low cal.
  4. Dreams.  As much as I am thankful for my job, I'm glad I have dreams past that.  One day, I'll have my thrift store, and it'll be so long until I do that I'll have the whole thing drawn out and planned by the time I'm ready.
  5. Friends.  I have great ones.  Some willing to go to Belize with me, some I can talk to on G-chat forever, some I can Skype with, some who do what they can to help me and Jon stay together next year, some who will haul furniture for us, some who will babysit, you name the situation, I've got a friend who's there.  That's awesome.
  6. Diapers with a green line that appears when your baby is wet.  I mean, genius to be able to just take a peek and see that a change is in order.
  7. Family.  My family will fly here if I need them to help us out.  That says a lot for a family who never traveled much when we were younger.  Of course, the magnetic attraction of my adorable kids doesn't hurt!
  8. Pinterest.  It's inspired me and filled me with ideas that might turn into something awesome someday.  I'm so glad it's blocked at work because I'd never get anything done.
Have a great holiday weekend!!

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