Friday, December 28, 2012

Book Signing

I recently went on my third (after Nelson DeMille and Stephen King) book signing, and it was by far the most entertaining.  For the last year, I've been a diligent reader of Young House Love, a blog written by John and Sherry Petersik about their house design.  That's a simple way to describe this really well written and inspiring blog (you should definitely check it out).

The Petersiks just published their first book about house design, and they announced they were coming to DC to sign copies.  My friend Andrea RSVPed for us, and after work one chilly November night, we found ourselves in line in Georgetown to meet John and Sherry, buy their book, and have them sign it.  We got to the venue (a FLOR store) and there was a HUGE line wrapping around the building.  Andrea's friends offered to let us jump in with her up towards the front, but I felt pretty bad being those people, so we opted not to do that.  Instead we chatted up the nice chick in front of us and complimented her husband on his willingness to stand in line with his wife.  FLOR was even nice enough to offer free cookies and cider from Captain Cookie and the Milkman - amazing.  And let me just say that I've never met a nicer person or anyone happier in their job than the Captain Cookie guy.  So jealous.  Our conversation went like this:
Me: "A cider and a cookie, please."
Captain Cookie: "What type of cookie would you like?"
Me: "Just a chocolate chip."
Captain Cookie (flashing a big smile): "There is nothing 'just' about our cookies!"

So we got up to the front and a person towards the back of the line popped up to ask the bouncer at the door how many books were left.  And then it happened:

"Actually, we've run out of books, but John and Sherry are signing bookplates for those who didn't bring their own books."

And chaos erupted.  It actually literally erupted because that sweetheart husband lost his shit, started writing furious emails and/or tweets and told his wife he was going to get a drink and stormed off.  She felt bad, but we'd been waiting in line for sooooo long, we at least wanted to meet them.  The aforementioned Andrea also started typing out some creative not-too-happy Tweets, and we glared down all the bitches that came out of the store having purchased TWO books inside.  Sad wife told us that the book tour website said that it was preferable to buy the books on site, which is why she waited.  I had just been lazy, but I was regretting that as well.  I was also regretting not cutting in line with Andrea's friend earlier in the night.

We got inside, got a Post-It note to put our name on and eventually, finally got up to meet John and Sherry.  I made Andrea (still angry!) promise not to embarrass me.  BTW, she had found out that they had let 600 or 700 people RSVP and had brought 150 books or so.  I'm a lawyer and not great at math, but that's some crap.  John and Sherry were super super nice and very apologetic.  Not their fault at all, just some poor planning on someone that they are probably paying's part.  To not make things awkward, we cracked jokes about how many criminals are running free because Andrea and I (government prosecutors) were too busy reading their blog to prosecute all the rapists of the world.  They found that funny.  Mission accomplished.  We're now best friends.

So I got this bookplate signed by them, which means that really I can make anything written by them.  Like Les Mis.

Or maybe they helped with my baby.  After all, a baby is the ultimate DIY, no?

And....I still don't have the book.  But I just picked up a gift card for Christmas from the in-laws and bought it online, so hopefully when we return to DC it'll be waiting there for me!

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