Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Begin Again

First off, that's the name of the thrift shop I plan to open one day.  Trademark.

Now it's New Years time, so time to start thinking about all the weight we'll likely not lose and all the Rosetta Stone we won't listen to, and all the housecleaning that isn't going to get accomplished as we set goals for ourselves for next year.  Here are just a few of mine:

  1. Job stuff:  I was really overwhelmed coming back from maternity leave as to the number of cases flying around my office and all the tasks that go along with being not just a member of the team but also in a leadership position.  My goal is to really buckle down and learn more of the technical aspects of my job so I don't feel like I'm just floating about.
  2. Belize or Bust:  I'm going to wear a two-piece bathing suit in Belize at the end of February.  This is reality, so if I don't want to look 4 months pregnant, I need to get to work. 
  3. Downsizing:  I've been selling things on ebay in an effort to downsize our ever growing household, and with yet ANOTHER move around the corner, I've got to up my game and get this house simplified.  Even little things like making a specific place in the bathroom for all excess hygiene stuff (extra shampoo and the like) is helpful because I now remember to look in that place before I think "Oh, I'm out of this, let me pick some up!"  No need to drag 20 bottles of shampoo to the new house.  One at a time, Alison.  Also, going through stuff helps me find a better use for crap I already have (like using this lying-in-a-box-in-the-basement wedding stationery to create a lovely Christmas garland!)
  4. Smile!:  Avery got a ton of pictures when he was younger.  Cassidy gets less because we are running around more.  We've been doing a good job making sure we snap photos of her cuteness, so I just want to remind myself not to let this momentum wear down.
I hope all your dreams come true this year!

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