Friday, January 04, 2013

PPNF: Winter Edition (and first edition)

Inspired by all the great DIY blogs, like Young House Love, Our Fifth House, and more, I decided to round up my sisters and my friend Amanda, all crafty ladies, and do our own version of a Pinterest challenge!  We call it PPNF which stands for Pinterest Projects Not Forgotten!

The challenge:  Take something you've pinned on Pinterest with the intent of making yourself and actually MAKE IT.  It's so easy to pin something and then forget to actually do it.  It's about accountability, folks, and I've got three other ladies to keep me honest.  Here they are:

What I'm working on is a secret thus far, mainly because I'm torn between three different projects.  YIKES.

Be sure to check out everyone else's site for their take on it and tune in later this month for a sneak peek and the first week in February for the big reveal!

Amanda is The Girl Who Sings

Julia is at Sunbeam Yellow

Lauren is in La La Land

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