Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great Granite!

A couple of weekends ago, Jon and I decided to keep the house renovation going and within the span of a week, we ordered all new appliances AND granite countertops for the kitchen.  More about the appliances we ordered later, but here's a picture of the granite we chose: Butterfly Gold:

We found a place nearby that was selling this at a special promotion for $39.99 a square foot, INCLUDING installation.  That's really sweet, considering how expensive granite is.  So we bought a bunch of it, added a beveled edge, threw in a sink, and the order is in!  We went to Pyramid Granite, which had a great review on Angie's List and were pretty stoked about the service and all the selection, not to mention the prices.  The lady walked around and around with us with a sample cabinet door so we could see what everything would look like all together and didn't even mind that Avery was picking up loose pieces of granite in a likely attempt to build his own kitchen.  Also, when they came out to do the measurement, we added a 5-inch backsplash, so they just threw in the sink for free.  Bonus!

Can't wait until it gets here and this kitchen gets a big makeover!

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