Friday, January 18, 2013

PPNF: Sneak Peek!

So, PPNF is in full swing as I'm working on a Pinterest project that I've had pinned for a really long time but never had the chance to start.  What's PPNF?  For the love of God, where have you been?  Check out what I'm doing here.  Can't tell you what I'm doing yet, but here's where what I'm doing is going to go:

This is the big blank wall in our hallway.  Please ignore the ugly paint color!  I've been dying to put something in there and I finally decided that PPNF is the way to get it done.  

And this is the "before" piece of art that I'm starting with:

 Excited to share with you when it's done!  And again, here are my PPNF compadres and links to their sneak peeks, which will be posted sometime today!!

 Julia is colored Sunbeam Yellow

Amanda is The Girl Who Sings

Lauren is in La La Land

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