Friday, February 22, 2013

Wood you Steel My Heart?

After the granite countertops were ordered, we were still giddy about kitchen renovation and ordered stainless steel appliances to update our kitchen even more!  And hell, while we're at it, let's just replace those floors!  Might as well get it all done at once!

So, if you'll recall, our kitchen started here.

Then the granite got us here:

So if you add in some stainless steel appliances and a weekend of Jon putting in floors, we're right here:

Beautiful, right?  And in only three days of work! (Four if you count the countertops)  Let's look closer:

Those are child safety knobs attached to the front

And how do we feel about it?

We do!
We saved a bit of money on this by stalking Home Depot for sales in January, which is the month that appliances tend to be their cheapest.  Also, we saved by not being obsessed with buying all the same brands.  The look (and price) was more important to us, so mixing and matching a bit paid off.  Altogether, it was $2009.40, according to my credit card statement, which included all installment and the ice-maker in the freezer.

Hope you noticed our wooden floors as well!  Jon took a weekend and extended the floors from the living room into the kitchen, which really made the place look more modern and bright. Just a few more projects and we are done with this room!

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