Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Letters get Betters

We are constantly looking for places to put our mail in the house.  We put it on the kitchen island and it disappears under things and gets in the way.  We put it on the dining room table and it gets shuffled to the edge under other things.  Jon and I are always looking for organizers and ideas when we shop around, but nothing has struck our fancy.  Until I saw these on Pick Your Plum:

Great, right?  Pick Your Plum is a craft site similar to Woot that sells one crafty item a day.  I was in Belize when I saw these babies, so I scooped four of them up for about $20.  I love that they are flat on the back - perfect for hanging.  Only thing left to do was label them.  I bought some stencils over Christmas to use for labeling Christmas presents, so decided to put them to good use again.

What do you do with your mail?

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