Wednesday, April 24, 2013

That's a spicy rack you got there.

I have been OBSESSED with this spice rack from Nine Red that Jesse made from vintage coke crates he found on the side of the road.

AMAZING!!  From Nine Red

OBSESSED.  Especially because our spice cabinet looks like this:

Womp Womp
Gross.  I can't find anything, have no idea what we have, and when I venture in there, I find 3 bottles of the same spice because we re-buy things without knowing that we have it.  I wanted something gorgeous like what Jesse made filled with our most-used spices.  So, I bought a vintage crate off of Ebay (after looking all over the place and finding one at a decent price ($30 with shipping)

Fruits of my eBay victory
I liked the teal that Jesse did on his, but I also am in love with yellow (right? right?) so I got out my handy Glidden Paint Deck and matched the yellow from my Pinterest Challenge Frame and got a small sample to paint the front parts of the dividers. For painting, I just used a little foam brush (like 50 cents at Michaels) and did two coats.  The shape of the lip of the dividers makes it very easy to just paint the front and not the insides.

Hey pretty lady
Next step was getting the glass jars.  I copied Jesse completely took Jesse's advice on this one and ordered 24 jars from Sunburst to start putting my spices in.


Once they came in, I had my husband (the cook of the family) pick our 24 most used spices.


He picked the ones that he uses the most and a few that are just awesome looking.  I went to Michael's and picked out some labels and labeled each bottle.  They'll sit in alphabetical order, but just in case we need a little assistance, I think the labels work well.

 As for where to put it, there's a perfectly spaced area right above the sink that was begging for some attention, so I was happy to provide.

And to make sure they all don't fall off when the nearby train goes by, we put little furniture tacks on the bottom to make the bottom stick out just barely more than the top, so it technically leans just slightly back, holding in all the bottles.

 Love love love it.  Thank you Jesse for the amazing inspiration!!  Let's see the before and after, shall we?


Anyone inspired by someone's blog/projects and created something similar (or exactly the same?)  How do you display your spices?  Are you into magnets like Amanda?  Or do you stick em all in a drawer?


Anonymous said...

LOVE this!!! Really nice work. It looks so cool!! (and thanks for linking me)

Alison Beach said...

Thanks! I should have used it for my Pinterest project, but I didn't. I am, however, in love with it.

Cathy said...

This is AWESOME!

I would love for you to link up to my TGIF Link Party! Who knows, you just might be featured next week!


Alison Beach said...

Done! And thanks!