Friday, April 26, 2013

This Little Light of Mine

Among all the big projects (like carpet, painting, new appliances) there's a score of smaller projects that just add some modernity (word?) into our house.

Take this shiny gold lantern in our foyer.

Off to the yard sale

 I've spied it through the windows of other houses as I've walked our dog, so I'm pretty sure it's standard for the neighborhood.  But, I really couldn't deal with it anymore.  So, for just about $60, it got replaced by this sleek brushed nickel fixture.

So much better, right?  More modern, sleeker, and updated for our potential renters.  I bought it a while ago and dragged it out one day, unpacked it, THEN asked Jon if he could "help" me by doing all the work himself.  He gave me that "I would rather do anything else right now" look, so I apologized a lot, but hey, it got the light up, right?

What a difference a little swaperoo makes!


Ok, so I'm painfully aware that the after picture doesn't really look better than the before picture due to the missing closet door and the lack of any frame around the new door.  BUT, we have gotten new floors and a brand new front door, and the closet door is going back soon.  Not to mention the new floors in the living room.  It might not look it, but it really does feel like we're improving :-)

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