Friday, July 26, 2013

Growing our Family

Not pregnant.  Just to clear up that confusing post title.  I am, however, continuing my mirror hunt to add to our mirrored stairwell.

I got lost the other day trying to find a jewelry store, and stumbled upon a thrift store - yay!  It was during work hours, but I couldn't resist.  I mean, what if I never found this place again?  So I picked up a $10 mirror to add to our stairs. 

Filling up this wall just might be my latest obsession :-)


Sandy said...

I love the idea of different styles of mirrors running up the stairs!! Of course, that would also mean I'd see what my hair looks like more often, so maybe I'll hold off on copying you for another few years...

Alison Beach said...

Ha ha, fair enough. I will say it makes "peek-a-boo" on the stairs our favorite on-our-way-to-bed game!