Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Look What My Friends Can Do!

Here's the first edition of "Look What My Friends Can Do!" which is a new section of the blog where I feature something awesome that my friends are doing.  First up is Bev, who live in Hawaii (hate you) with her husband, who was one of my Soldiers in the Army!  She took a cue from Crafty Mama Bakes and made these sweet Camo Cupcakes!  Delicious, and I want some for my promotion!

First, make two cakes, one white and one dark chocolate (not regular chocolate)

Cake mixes will be divided into 4 containers. 1 white, 1 chocolate, 1 white with a dab of chocolate and some green food coloring paste and one white and chocolate in equal amounts.
It'll look like this when you mix it up:  Light brown, camo green, white, and dark brown

Use an easy method for making pastry bags:

And fill 'em up!

Put random blobs of different batters in to cupcake liners (note, this is NOT the final product.  Jon thought it was and was freaked out):

Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes and they come out like this:

Tint up some icing like so:  Buttercream frosting tinted. One white, one tinted with a little green food coloring paste and a little dark chocolate cocoa powder and one with a lot of dark chocolate cocoa powder. Note to self, next time add a few extra drops of milk to the chocolate buttercream, it got a little too stiff with the added cocoa powder and was difficult to pipe. (I made 11/2 batches of buttercream and it was the perfect amount).

Put the icing in three bags to be put into one large bag:

And ice away!

Super cute and military themed - great idea for a military function or a little boy's birthday party.

Thanks for letting me share, Bev!!!


Robin Ochoa said...

Can she send some to me in Afghanistan!!!! They look yummy!

Alison Beach said...

Technically, Hawaii (where she is) is closer to Afghanistan than Washington, DC, so I guess you should get first crack at them!