Friday, August 02, 2013

Styling the Bedroom: Day 1

Our bedroom is TRAAAAAGGGGIIICCCC.  See below.

Obviously, I was truthful to everyone and did not clean up before picture taking.

Ugh, I feel like I should apologize for its grossness.  Let's break down these photos:

Now I feel even worse.  But, when Apartment Therapy advertised their Style Cure, including 30 days of assignments to get one room of your house to feel better, I was in.

True, most people don't see the bedroom, and with Jon moving to Alabama, even LESS people see it (it better be less - says Jon!), but there's something so refreshing about going to a nice clean decorated room, and something so restful about that room being your bedroom.  I was all in, and figured I'd blog about how I did.


Assignment: Fill out the Style Cure Interview

For the first day, all I had to do was paperwork (easy, that's what I do all day) in the form of questions about me and my style.  Here are the questions and answers:

  1. List your favorites in each category:  Actor (Colin Firth) Actress (Mindy Kaling - even if I don't watch her show all the time!) Artist (anyone who uses color and doesn't paint clowns) Writer (Stephen King) Music (Broadway!) Restaurant (Rose Mexicano) Automobile (Mini Cooper) Movie or TV Show (White Christmas) Clothing (Anything classic) Furniture (Vintage-Eclectic with a Modern Twist)  HA!  Enjoy finding a style out of THAT!
  2. Choose three words to describe your personal style:  Classic, Vintage, Comfortable 
  3. Favorite room from a childhood home and description: Well, I only lived in two childhood homes that I can actually recall, and my favorite room there would have been my own bedroom.  It was in the basement with ugly wood paneling, but I tried to make it my own.
  4. Favorite room from an adult childhood room and description: In Germany, I lived in an apartment with a huge picture window.  My friend and I went crazy at IKEA and got light clean furniture, painted one of the walls a bright green, and really made it look homey. 
  5. Whom do you consider a role model and what are three adjectives that describe the qualities that you admire in this person?  Tricky one, but someone I admire is Col (Ret) Laurie G. Moe. Buckhout, a fierce and independent female Soldier.  She always found a way to embrace her femininity while staying tough.
  6. Every home has areas that are "just right."  Which three spots or things in your home do you feel are beautiful and feel proud of right now, as is.  1) My craft closet is finally organized, and while it isn't beautiful, neatness has its own beauty. 2) My bathroom has a separate area for the toilet and sink.  It's simple, white, and has a bright curtain.  I just love simplicity with color. 3) My front porch has a chair, a pillow, and is surrounded by flowers.  I love sitting out there watching my son play in the front yard.
  7. A month from now, how would you like your friends to describe your home?  I want them to say that it's a great place to just chill out, that's it's organized, and has character.  Nothing that they say "Oh, I saw that painting at IKEA" but they are more "What does this mean" and "Where did you get this?"
So, I'm not sure what I learned from all of that, but I'm excited to get to the end state already.  Stay tuned next week for more assignments!!

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