Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Weekend Yard Sale Haul

Yay for yard sales!  There was a base yard sale this week where I picked up a few neato things to share:

For an easy $5, I picked up the stainless steel dish bowl for the cats.  Right now they have some random tupperware that has to be up high so Dash (the dog) doesn't eat them.  And since Dash-the-dog is moving to Alabama, I can now put the cats' food on the floor and they are old and deserve a nice place setting, I think. 

For $1, I picked up those four little glass bottles with stoppers.  Great find!  They even have teeny tiny spouts on the top, which is perfect because I'm about to make some flavored olive oils to put inside.

The little blue bowl was just pretty :-)

And the lamps were $7 each (probably could have gotten them cheaper, but I panicked when she asked me how much I would pay for them - I'm such a rookie!) and had a really great shape to them.  I'd like to paint them up and find some great shades for the top.

Anxious to show you what I do with them all!

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