Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Avery: Mommy, keep your eyes open and get a haircut.  (pause)  Now, close your eyes and close your mouth. (brushes my hair with a cat brush)  OKAY!  All done!!

Note that this was likely a result of this:

Avery: (passes gas)
Me: Avery, was that your butt?
Avery: YES!  It went "BEEP!"

Avery: MOMMY!  What color is that green sign over there?
Avery: Oh...OK!

Avery: MOMMY!  I take picture of Cassie sleepin!
Me: Is Cassie sleeping?
Avery:....I take picture of Cassie awakin!

Me: (singing) It's Too Darn Hot....It's Too Darn Hot
Avery: MOMMY!  It's my turn.
Me: Ok, you sing
Avery: ...It's hot, ok?

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