Friday, August 23, 2013

Styling the Bedroom: Days 15, 16 and....the whole thing falls apart...

DAY 15: Plan a get-together and send invites

This is a freebie day for me, since I don't plan on inviting anyone over to see my bedroom :-)  BUT, since Labor Day weekend is the weekend that Jon will be here with the kids and I'll be in Cancun with my sister-in-law, I guess I'll send an invite to him!

DAY 16-18: SHOP!

YAY!  Here's the stuff I bought:

Yep, one can of paint.  If you are thinking that's not enough for a bedroom re-do, you're right.  As the post title implies, THE WHOLE THING FELL APART AT IKEA.

The main piece of the room, the bookshelves, did not pan out.  I really liked the Billy Bookshelves in white, but when we got to IKEA, they looked worn and cheap (well, to be honest, they are cheap) but the "white" was more "yellowed teeth white".  So, Jon pointed out the Hemnes bookshelves, which is the same line of furniture we use for our dressers.  Pricier, but much nice, and.....out of stock.  So we came home with nothing.  And with Jon out of pocket, and me not even seeing him for an entire month now, who knows when I can get back to IKEA to finish this up.

I thought about buying everything else that I wanted, but then started second guessing EVERYTHING.  I kept saying "I didn't know these curtains came in grey, would that look better?"  "When would I get these shelves in?" and finally just decided I AM NOT BUYING ANYTHING.

I was moving fast through this to make a big difference in 30 days while starting a new job and being a single mom, and I was already nervous about my choices.  So, I'm going to kick back, relax, and just put it together when I have time.

So, my project ends on day 16 - over halfway done with a project before I quit!  Not too bad for me.

Sorry to disappoint the 4 people that read this blog, but keep your ideas coming - I really do want to make this a great place in the house!!!


Anonymous said...

HA! Well, as one of what I'm sure is more than 4 people, I think it's best to pause and pull back. You're right- you don't want some piece of crap just to ahve the thing done. You'll get back on track. I'm sure just having done what you did is making you feel better about the space! But curtains should prob be next on the list, right? ;)

Alison Beach said...

Ha ha, yes, curtains should be next. Duly noted.

Jessica George said...
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Jessica George said...

I know the feeling. It took me until after the design cure to actually get to painting my dining room & half way through painting I thought to myself, what if I swap my living & dining room?, well that created a stale in my plan since I really love the new room swap.

Now I'm back to square one & currently working on a new design to finish off my once dining room now living room.

Yesterday after being locked out of a friends house for a few hours in DC I decided to make a trip to IKEA & found a few things + a new lampshade (part if their new blue/green color line) plug in pendant which will take the place of a table/lamp combo that really isn't functional. The lampshade will pair better w my MCM round side table & give me space for it now. So glad that Im getting new ideas for this room so I can complete my design cure before the end of the year :)

Alison Beach said...

Jessica, good for you! Sometimes better to stop, step back, and re-evaluate instead of being obsessed with a schedule.

Post a link if you have pictures of your room - it sounds pretty great already!!