Friday, September 06, 2013

Circles on the Walls!

Inspired by this pin from A Home Full of Color on Pinterest, I sent out turning my light stairwell into one that was still light and breezy, but had a bit of charm to it.

Before (angle from the top of the stairs):


Pretty simple project.  White curtains I already owned, and I just used black acrylic paint and randomly drew circles.  I chose not to have the circles overlap (except for one where I did) and I'm not sure if I like it like I did it or if I want to go add more circles and have them overlap.  For right now, though, I really love what they add to the hallway, and how the circles reflect in the mirrors!!


Jessica George said...

Sometimes simple changes make the biggest difference. Adding those curtains added some visual interest as well as some dimension to that space. Great job.

Alison Beach said...

Thanks! The more I see them, the happier I am with them!