Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Front Entry Fixin'

Naturally, the first thing to happen when you walk in the door in my house is to drop everything (bags, babies, whatever) on the floor of the foyer.  I was SO tired of tripping over things that I put together an easy fix.

Crap dumped everywhere
I had the idea to put a piece of wood between the doors of the closet and the half-bath, and then install hooks to hang coats, bags, etc, that we use everyday.  I know we have a closet, but we just never open it up to hang things up.  First world problems.

Future Home of Hooks
So, I had Jon grab a piece of wood at Lowe's and cut it down to size.

Avery thinks the saw is too loud
The he installed it and I put a few coats of primer/paint on there.

Primed and hung

Painting away!

 My good friend, Ryan, took pity on my drill-less self and came over and installed 5 hooks that I ordered from in the board.  And finally, my foyer was debris-free and looking fine!

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