Friday, September 27, 2013

Fixin' My Stitch, Month 2

Perhaps you read about my new favorite thing to do last month, and by "do" I mean sit at home while people pick out clothes for me, send them my way, and I get to choose all Pretty Woman style.  Except my cat, Joey, plays the part of Richard Gere.

So, Month 2's box arrived, so I thought I would share what I got!:

First was this scarf - a lovely, shiny orange.  Perfect for fall.  I really liked it, but I ended up NOT ordering it.  I feel like accessories and jewelry aren't important enough to me, and if I want them, I'll grab them much cheaper at Target. (I just picked up an awesome scarf at Wal-mart today for $6.97).  This was about $50, so wise decision I think.  What's great about the process is that I can comment on what they send and tell them "Look, I'm not buying a scarf, so send me a piece of clothing" and they listen!

Next was this jacket.  OBSESSED.  IN LOVE.  Purchased immediately.  Odd, cause remember last month's jacket where I didn't like the asymmetrical zipper?  Well, this one is different because the material is less stiff so it hangs according to gravity, not the zipper and looks good zipped or not.  It was only $58, and I can see me wearing this A TON, so I snagged it.  As per my rule, I threw away a grey zip up hoodie from IU Law (where I did not actually attend law school) and replaced it with this sweet jacket.

After that, I tried on a printed tunic that was just "enh".  Not really in love with the pattern, fit, or style too much.

Fourth was a pretty grey sweater with cute pink patches at the elbows.  The card that they send with suggestions for how to style it had it with jeans (which looked good) and over a dress (which looked horrible).  Maybe I should have kept this, cause it did look cute with jeans, but I opted to not.  I just didn't love it enough.

Finally.  Leather pants, y'all.  Hells yeah!  These pants fit like yoga pants, but have a faux leather pantel running down the side.  Tres chic.  Purchased for only $48.

Pictured with last month's tunic shirt

So, leather pants and a sweet jacket for fall.  I love it.  Altogether it was $106 this time around, which I think we can all agree is not bad for pants and a jacket. 

As always, if you think this is something you might like to try, click HERE!  I get $25 for anyone who gets a box through this link.  Note:  It doesn't tell me who it is, so if you want to do this on the down low, I'll never know!!

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