Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Look What My Friends Can Do!

My law school pal Vinnie has a great story about some art he put in his place:

"Background on the pictures, I like to search Craigslist for "curb alerts", garage sales, or just general cool things during the day at work, and I spotted these 2 prints framed in very ornate frames for $80 dollars, I wanted them, but they were sold before I got to even email the person.  

Three blocks from my office is a super cute 2nd hand store that sells awesome antique, unique, or vintage furniture or housewares, it's awesome!  I walked in and found the exact same prints, in simpler frames but for $15 each! And on the same day I had wanted to buy them from someone else! 

As purchased - $15 each!!
 I bought them knowing eventually I would change the frames and last night I taped off the glass with paper and masking tape and sprayed them flat black

Finished product
 How great, right?  And what fantastic luck!  I love the vintage look, but the black frames modernize the prints a little.  And they are GORGEOUS prints.  So jealous :-)  Great job, Vinnie!!

Want to see more of my talented friends?  Check out Bev's cupcakes!

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