Friday, November 29, 2013


Me: Avery, that's a lot of poop!
Avery: I did it all by myself with my butt!

Me: Are you a good big brother?
Avery: Yes
Me: Can you take good care of Cassidy?
Avery: I can't take care of Cassie - she's too heavy!

Me: Avery, where's the clicker?
Avery: I am super-Avery!  I will find the clicker using my super-eyes!  I need a cape.

Me: (crying a bit lot out of frustration at a long night)
Avery: Mommy, you can't cry because I'M crying!

Avery: Mommy!  I'm getting another piece of orange!
Me: Ok
Avery: Mommy, don't say ok, say "please take another piece of orange."
Me: Please take another piece of orange.
Avery: OK!

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