Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Table

I had a great time putting together my fall table centerpiece, so I wanted to do something for Christmas as well.  Here's a fun and uber-cheap project I came up with that makes our table look pretty cool!

First, I grabbed some sticks from the ground (free!)

And spray painted them silver ($5 buy at Lowes).  The silver on the dark wood makes the branches just look nice and glisteny (this is not a word, blogger tells me) so they aren't too in-your-face silver.

Then, I bought some green yard ($3.50 buy at Michael's) and used some Modge-Podge (already on hand from my fall pumpkin project) and randomly wrapped bits and pieces of the sticks with yarn, leaving some of the silver showing.  I did this while watching the fantastic Hallmark Holiday Movie, "Snow Bride."  Highly recommend if you are lonely.

Next, I took some mini-ornaments ($5, again at Michael's) and tied them to various little branches coming off of my sticks.  I put the whole thing in a big glass jar I bought for another project that I filled partway with river rocks (three bags for $1 each at the Dollar Store)

And there you have it!  A pretty little rustic centerpiece for $16.50.  Not too bad considering I have a whole roll of green yarn left over, a can of silver spray paint, and those river rocks, all of which I can use for other projects.

What's on YOUR table this year? 

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