Friday, November 22, 2013

Fixin' My Stitch - Month 4

If you've been reading at all, you know I've been getting boxes of clothes from Stitch Fix. (See my first, second, and third!)  Here's what came in my happy fourth box!

Could I look more awkward?
This gorgeous shift dress in navy blue with gold zipper details on the front and back.  It fit snugly and the fabric was really fantastic.  However, I've got this stomach issue I'll be blogging about soon, and fitted right now pretty much says 4 month pregnant (which I'm not) so I just didn't want to spend $98 on something that was going to make me super self-conscious.  It was a reluctant return.

These great cranberry "Ankle Biter" skinny jeans.  Love the color, love the fit, love the versatility (dress em up, dress em down!)  I paired them with a grey T-shirt (my staple) and my new grey flats for a casual look and thought it was fantastic!  Keeper!!

Anyone remember my very first thing from Stitch Fix?  It was a great orange tunic that I kept. Well, as my friend Andrea pointed out, this is the exact same shirt, just in a different pattern.  And, I kinda love it!  I kept this one, but I'm set on tunics, so hopefully I don't get more (although it would be hard to turn down!).  I love the pattern, and, obviously, love the fit.

And now to a tunic I didn't like.  This pattern was weird (sorry, I didn't take a bigger picture of it).  But if you're going to send me two similar tunics, I'm only gonna keep one.  This was had a fit that wasn't as ideal as the polka dots, so it went back to Stitch Fix.

You're probably looking at the jeans, assuming I'm wearing the knit, assymetrical, zip-up jacket I got in box #2.  Well, you're wrong.  They sent me another one.  At first I thought it was the same, but it's not.  It's stylish, classy, well-made, and NEARLY IDENTICAL to one they already sent.  I was just sad cause it seemed like a wasted piece since I has already purchased something so similar.  I wasn't about to drop cash on another one.  Back it went!

So, 2/5 - not bad!  I'm happy most of all about the pants which add great versatility to my wardrobe and convinced me to throw out a pair of dark green corduroy pants I'm not sure I've ever worn.

Think this is a cool idea?  You're right.  Click HERE to start your Stitch Fixes as well, but be warned that rumor has it they are overwhelmed and can't get new boxes out February for new customers.  Totally worth the wait, though!!!

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