Friday, December 13, 2013

Promotion, Part Two: The Reception!

I know this post is a bit delayed, but I definitely want to talk about this!  Along with the great promotion ceremony I had, I also planned (with lots of help) a great party afterwards!

Thanks to my friend, Gabi, an amazing chef and party planner herself, I decided to make quiches for the event.  It was my first try, and after a week-before dry run that had rave reviews, I bit the bullet and made 7 different quiches for the big day, using this amazing recipe.  Easy, delicious, do it.

The spread
 I went with a fall theme since my promotion was at the end of September and did brown tablecloths, gold plates, lovely metal touches here and there, and orange serving platters.

My friend Kathleen volunteered to help and made this AMAZING cake.  Seriously, what a feat, and delicious.  Other pals chipped in with baked goods, and I even got to use my little major's leaf cookie cutter to make some imprints in some sugar cookies!

Seriously, wow.  A cake shaped like an oak leave on another cake!  Mind blown.

As you might have noticed, I used Scrabble tiles to label all the food

But the best part was seeing people from my past and present in a great celebration!!

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