Friday, January 31, 2014

Find-A-Quote Art

Saw this on Pinterest and I thought it would be a fun treasure hunt to find a great quote!  All I needed was a 5 cent book from the thrift store, a marker, and a frame!  This is sitting in the corner of my kitchen counters at the moment.

Overall - an interesting piece of art.  But look closer...
...and it's a reminder to be brave!
What inspirational/funny/meaningful quotes are waiting for YOU in a book?


Vinnie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I have a very very old book of love poems that is absolutely falling a part, but not worth the value of having it professionally restored or have the binding fixed or replaced, and it would make such a cute project even if I dont scribble out things to make a quote, I could just frame the beautifully yellowed pages. Great Idea!!!

Alison Beach said...

It's a great way to keep your old things, even if they are falling apart. I was in an antique store in WV and found piles and piles of old sheet music. I picked out some pretty ones to frame.