Friday, January 03, 2014

New Years' Resolutions: January!

I asked a bunch of folks via Facebook to share their New Years' Resolutions with me, so we can check in a few times over the course of 2014 and see how they are doing.  Here's where everyone started!

Me: I'm starting a business in the next year or so, and it's time to crack down and really get that business plan going so the dream becomes a reality!

 Ellen: Her resolution is to regularly find new, more interesting ways to cook chicken breasts and get her family out of their baked BBQ chicken rut! (Maybe she'll give us some recipes!!)

Todd: His wedding is coming up (I'm officiating!!!!!) and he's determined to drop some weight (I know, he's gorgeous and doesn't need it, right?) before the big day!

Russell:  Russell's going to run a 5K in under 22:00 this year - he ran in high school which was only %$#% years ago, so it should be no problem!

Ryan:  He vows to move to South Carolina by the end of summer.  I'm not sure what's sparking this move, but hope we have a good update by August!

 Kelly:  She's going to clean less and pay someone to do it for her.  Amen, sister.

Anita:  My former voice teacher is bound and determined to learn the words to "La Bamba" and be able to sing it.  I'll help you out with the first two:  Para bailar (I think....) Also, if you're drunk, it's easier.

Greg: This guy is set to move soon, so he wants to clean out all the clutter before heading overseas!

Ben: Fresh from Germany, Ben believes he's carrying a few extra kilos and want to drop them like they're heiƟ.

 Julia: My sister is going to finish one Pinterest project a month.  She swears!  We'll see :-)  

 Jon: My beloved is going to finish filming a movie he's working on.  And by finish I mean START filming (he's got a jumpstart on the script already).

 Leah: My sister-in-law vows to send birthday cards to everyone in the Beach family this year.  Ha ha ha...there aren't enough stamps in the world for this clan....but mine's March 30th!

So let's cheer on the team!  Want to jump in on the fun?  Add a comment below with your resolution and we'll put you on our team for the first update in February.  Hoping to check in every two months for updates!!!

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