Friday, June 20, 2014

Mommy/Avery Day

At the end of my ten months as a single mom, my patience was wearing pretty thin.  One week, I yelled at Avery and left him sad because I refused to read him a bedtime story, and I couldn't get the image of him reaching for a book and looking at me out of my head.  SO, that Friday was a day off of work for me.  My original plan was to go take the kids to school and do a bunch of work on our new house, but I decided to make it Mommy/Avery Day instead and we had a great time together!

First, we went for a little breakfast....

 Then we headed out to Fort Washington and toured the old fort

Then we went to "see" Rio 2 which was mainly just enjoying these awesome theater chairs.

And, after a few selfies....

....we were wiped out!

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