Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New House: Avery's room - let's start at the top!

A trip to Lowe's gave me ceiling paint, rollers, a brush, a cup and a dropcloth.  All that makes Ali a happy girl!

My goal is to try to hit up one room a week and start with the ceilings.  You may remember that I was inspired  for a ceiling full of stars for my little man, but I wanted a clean, white ceiling first.    Here's the before:

Meh.  At Lowe's I picked up some Olympic brand flat ceiling self-priming paint.  I did NOT want to be painting a ceiling more than one coat, if possible, so the self-priming was ideal.  I also picked up a kit from Wooster (on sale!) with two rollers, an angled 2-inch brush, and a tray.  Adding in a dropcloth, a trim cup, and a plastic tray liner, and I was in business.

I borrowed a ladder from my work and started in on the part of the ceiling that meets the wall.  I didn't pay too much attention to any paint I got on the walls, but I did try to avoid actually painting the walls as much as possible. (No pics of this - was on a tight schedule).  Two quick trips around the room and it was time to roll!  I didn't find an extended pole at Lowe's, so I had a regular roller, which made for some backaches I felt the next day, but it went fairly fast and I got two coats of paint done (even though I didn't want to do two coats, I really needed to) in about an hour and a half.  Check it out!

So fresh and clean looking!  Let's change the pictures around to get a real side-by-side!

Me likey.  And while I was waiting for the first coat to dry a bit, I couldn't help but think about the next phase!

To be continued.....

Lessons learned:  Find an extended pole, wear goggles to avoid little splatters in your eyes.

Total cost so far: $40

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