Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New House: Cassidy's room

While Avery has been in full big-boy mode for a while, this is the room where Cassidy will go from my baby girl to my big girl (insert motherly sobs here.)  But let's take a look at the room before I get too choked up.

Um...ok, so apparently, in all my picture taking, I FORGOT to take a picture of the beginning of the room.  And I've already finished another step, so I can't take a picture now!  Augh!  BUT, it looks a lot like Avery's beginning:

Technically Avery's room, but they are identical

Problems: The beige.  So. Much. Beige. In. Entire. House.  Actually, I don't even describe it as beige, I think of it as a fleshy color, like I'm walking around on someone's skin.  *shudder* GROSS.  Anyway, a ton to paint in this place, but back to Cassidy's room.  The ceiling and walls need painted, the brown yucko carpet needs covered, but other than that, the room is a nice size with of light, it just needs a little oomph.

So the plan is as follows:
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls
  • Find a big floor covering
  • Hang up those hot air balloons
  • Bring in a toddler bed(?)
  • Brighten up the white walls with curtains and art
Here's my inspiration, from my favorite stalkees bloggers, John and Sherry from Young House Love.

What I'm excited to steal the most is the colored ceiling.  I've always had white ceilings and colored walls, but I think it would be awesome to go the other way!  So, I'm envisioning a light aqua ceiling to bring in some color and make it sky-like.  I can't wait to do this part!!

I'll keep you updated as I go!

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