Friday, June 27, 2014

Thrift Find!

Two weeks in Alabama gave me access to THE MOST AMAZING thrift stores.  I managed to not buy everything (space was limited) but did end up with some great stuff!

The haul
 So you can see I ended up with another coke crate (I need to make another spice rack!!) as well as yet another globe (I'm obsessed, I tell ya).  I also picked up a few other things that require a closer look.

HUSKER DU!  I played this game a million times at my grandmother's house.  It's basically a fancy game of match, and since Avery's loving match nowadays, I thought he might be ready.  On the corner of the box, the ad says you can enter a contest to fly to Denmark.  I think I'll enter 25 years later...

I'm planning to hang up old sheet music as art, so I'm always on the lookout for pretty sheet music with interesting titles.  That Naughty Waltz sounds scandalous.  If I had a piano (hint hint for Christmas, Jon) I'd play it.

I love this giant metal letter B!  I put my shoe next to it, so you can see it's a really good size.  It's all types of construction metal, so it looks pretty awesome.

I must have passed a bazillion other thrift/antique malls on the way back through Tennessee and Virginia, but I had Dash in the car with me, so I didn't get to hit any of them.  BUT, maybe now that Jon is back, we can do some more weekends in the country and I can get back to that area.

Buy anything fun recently??

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