Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New House: Avery's room - in the grey!

Two late afternoons in the new house and one very stretched-at-the-end gallon of paint, and we have a painted room!  Here's a closeup before and after:

This was really a four-day venture:
1) Spackle
2) Sand walls and prep
3) Paint cut-in areas and the corners
4) Roll the rest of the walls

I used a 2-inch angled brush for the cut-ins, which worked nicely, and used some blue painters tape on the top and bottom (I'm steady enough to paint around door trims without it) to get clean edges.  For paint, I used Olympic's "Thin Ice" in an eggshell primer + paint, which is this very lovely light grey color.  Really brightens up the room, I mean WOW!  Let's see the real befores and afters, shall we?



Sorry for the oddly shaped photos - I got a new phone between the befores and the afters, so the dimensions come out all different now.

I'm thrilled with the color and how much bigger and brighter the room looks now.  Just a few touchups to make and this room will be ready for the next phase!

Thin Ice, by Olympic
Total cost so far: $40 (from the post on the ceiling) + $32 (for tape and Thin Ice paint) = $72

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Vinnie said...

it looks great! the carpet even looks nicer with the new wall color!