Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New House: Basement

Our new house's basement is HUGE!  It's a big L shape that covers the entire house, and it's finished and has a full bath.  So, it's perfect for storage, a little workshop for Jon, AND a guest area.  And because our first guests were coming right as we moved in, this area became a priority.

Here's where we are starting:

So it's got a little nook (you can see in the second picture) where we'll probably put a bed, and the more open area you can see in the first picture might be nice for a table/chair/desk or something.  The problems are actually pretty minimal in that it's just empty (more shopping for me!)  The walls are in pretty decent shape and a nice neutral color (and not fleshy) so I'll probably just leave them alone.  Given that, my plan is:
  • find a few bright rugs
  • get some guest furniture
  • decorate the walls to break up the neutrality in there
I don't really have inspiration pictures because I have no idea what I want to do in here, other than bring in color and make it a really nice place for guests that doesn't feel too basement-ish.  That nice sliding door provides some great light, and if I can spruce up the garden area, it'll be a lovely sight.


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