Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New House: A Cool Kids Room

Obviously, my big complaint in all my house posts have been the fleshy beige that someone decided would make the house attractive.  It doesn't.  You've seen one of the living rooms that we are designating The Kids Room already, but here's a reminder of our starting position:

Well, fast forward a few weeks and we've done two major things: 1) Move in (please forgive the pile of toys as we figure out what stays and goes) and..drum roll....2) PAINT!

So, in addition to a bunch of furniture getting thrown in (more on that below) we got this great paint!  This color is called "Fine Silver" and I know it looks a lot like the "Thin Ice" we used in Avery's room, but what can I say?  I'm a sucker for Shades of Grey.  The colors, not the book, although feel free to read the most hilarious review of that horrible book HERE.

Now, forgive the messy room, but let me give you a quick tour of what we're dealing with.

First, you can see from the picture right above, this color is a BIG change from the beige.

The dressers are IKEA's Hemnes line and we also have two more upstairs.  Love em.  One here is for Cassidy's clothes and one is for Avery's.  We always just dress the kids down here where all the action is instead of hauling each of them BACK  upstairs periodically to get ready for the day.  So much easier.

We mounted our television up high to save room, but we still have a bit of space on the mantle for DVDs and the like.

The couch is currently a Goodwill find that Jon got in Alabama that the kids can jump/play/spill on.  I'd like to replace it with two big squishy chairs eventually to keep the room open more, but the couch is working at the moment.  Even though it's sitting directly on the floor cause we can't find the legs in all of our boxes downstairs.

The ceiling that didn't look so beige with beige walls now looks REALLY beige.  In face, the whole house has fleshy ceilings, but they are going to be a "Yeah, if we have time, it would be nice to repaint the ceilings" project.  More important things to do, so no one look up!

That slide was a $30 buy at a thrift store and has scored me Mom of the Year status.

The bench in front of the fireplace was from Home Depot that held books in our old house.  Now, we think it'll find a new home.  The plan is to block out the fireplace with wood or something that we've painted with chalkboard paint so the kids can have fun with that.  Maybe a big piece of metal painted with chalkboard paint so they can put magnets on as well, but Cassie still likes to put magnets in her mouth, so maybe just drawing is a good step.

So I hope you are all forgiving the mess.  Moving + kids is always a work in progress.  We are in the process of paring down all of those toys.

I love love love the change, although the color tends to look blue rather than grey.  Still, no complaints from me.  Wait until you see the color playing off my curtains that will frame that big window!!


Vinnie said...

Now call me crazy if you must, but I almost feel that black dresser to the right of the fireplace would fit perfectly in front of the fireplace, block it, and the fireplace molding would almost frame it around the sides.... Not sure why that seems like it appeals to me, but it does lol

Alison Beach said...

Yes, but then it throws of my symmetry...

Alison Beach said...

Off, I meant

Vinnie said...

Things don't have to be symetrical, A-symetrical is good too, you could either put the left dresser on the left wall, so the fireplace one was front and center, or even possible, have them near eachother and put a countertop scrap across the both of them and make them one big unit, store a trash can, or a big basket between them for extra storage, and use the top for display which would unify both pieces into one piece. Then you would have the far right corner wide open for the slide, or a bookshelf and a couple beanbags for reading or a little table and chairs for the kids. :) I mean it looks great. you dont have to change a thing, I am just throwing out more suggestions!