Wednesday, August 06, 2014

New House: Our Kitchen

Hey, it's time to check out where we are starting with the kitchen!  So, here's where we are starting:

Oh, so very much to hate.  Tired of that beige paint yet?  Yeah, me too.  Also, check out that sweet sweet pattern on the floor and those awesome green countertops.  Remind you of our kitchen two houses ago?

We meet again....the kitchen from our house in Springfield, VA
Of course, the crappy thing about being in a rental is that we can't change anything.  Where in Springfield, that hot mess from above eventually turned into this....

We can't remove the black appliances, get granite countertops, or put in flooring here.  (Well, Jon said we COULD put in flooring.  My ears perked up, and I think he regretted saying it).  But, I think it's safe to assume we are stuck to having to be creative.

The good news?  That amazing sliding door.  Although it leads to nowhere, it's great to open up.  Also, it's so open to the kids' room, and I love that it's really big.  AND, I don't hate those cabinets - they are kinda vintage/beachy looking.

Among the many downsides is the very limited counter and cabinet space and the ugly everything-but-the-cabinets.


  • Continue the paint from the kids' room.  It'll look great by the light cabinets, albeit horrible next to the counters.  Those counters look awful next to everything though, so no big deal.
  • Build a breakfast bar overlooking the big window.  
  • Add in a rolling island that we can push to the side to open it up, but roll to the middle when we need extra prep cooking space
  • Remind Jon he said we could put flooring over the vinyl that we would remove on our way out??
What do you think?  

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Vinnie said...

I was just thinking, try some paint colors in the kitchen, although its a rental paint may be the solution to toning down the countertops, and making them an asset rather than a liability :)