Friday, August 22, 2014

And the winner!

I found a new thrift store nearby (yay!) and while meandering around, I found a shelf of trophies.  After the obvious moment of silence for all the kids who haven't realized their mom tossed their soccer/T-ball/gymnastics trophy yet, I realized it was a win for me.

So, I picked up a soccer trophy that was pretty hefty in weight.

I gave it a coat of white primer, and then picked a sunny yellow to top it off.

And now it serves as a great bookend for some DVDs in our kids' room.

I like the bright whimsical nature of it, while it still serves a purpose!

1 comment:

Vinnie said...

Wow that is a creative, and awesome idea, I love how its a nice way to recycle those trophies too!