Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New House: Living Room

I have a grown-up living room!  Although it doesn't start out looking very grownup, I have big plans for this space.  No more asking guests to sit in juice stains and talk over the sound of Dora the Explorer (that's what the kids' room is for!)

Here's where our grown-up living room is starting out:

The problems include (obviously) the paint, but you can see I am already working ideas for that.  Additionally, we wanted to put a television on that blank wall, but we're torn.  There's no cable outlet there, so that will take some creative wiring/wireless projects.  And we aren't sure how much we would use a separate television.  Guests don't come over to watch TV, and when Jon and I watch, we just watch from the kids' room.

Projects include:

  • Paint
  • Furniture placement
  • Curtains
  • Art and Design
  • Using my mirrors - you know I love my mirror wall!
  • Some great lighting (no overhead lights)
  • Ceiling paint - low on the priority, but you can see the owners randomly painted a gloss patch on the ceiling - ignorant.
What are your thoughts??


Mary Kate said...

How about 2 occasional chairs across from the couch, with a white mantel-like shelf on the wall for artwork? Move the desk between the windows.

Alison Beach said...

I like the two chairs idea. What if the couch went on the wall and the chairs floated in the middle? I feel like moving the couch is going to create more flow...

Vinnie said...

I love both your ideas, I think some nice plants would brighten up the room too. Maybe make it a nice place to sit down with a book and a cup of tea, which I am sure with kids might be a rare, but much enjoyed treat.