Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Frantic Update

Even though my last entry was on the 16th, and I've definitely had longer periods of unblogginess before, I feel like I should be doing more writing. So, quickly, here's what's going on with me, and I promise to find something more substantial to write about in the near future.

1 - I had my one and only interview that I plan on doing for a job - the interview with the US Air Force JAG Corps. While I don't feel as confident post-interview as I did pre-interview, I can only hope that that JAG Corps looks highly on ambitious, bronze star awarded for Army captains with high grades.

2 - No leads yet on the robbery, and yes, we had insurance

3 - Today I went to Pittsfield, MA with a classmate to see where Herman Melville lived for a while, which leads me to a rant. I am doing a project on the book "Billy Budd" and they have the desk that he wrote the book on as well as the box where the manuscript was found after his death. The kicker? You can't take a picture of it. Now, eventually, we talked the lady into printing out a picture of the desk (but not the right box) so we can show our class, but seriously? It's like those "Keep off the grass" signs in parks. IT'S THE EARTH. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO WALK ON IT. Now you can't take pictures of things in museums (I knew before this you couldn't sometimes, but there's nowhere else to get a picture of this stuff online). Ridiculous.

4 - My dad is cancer-free! After his surgery for prostate cancer earlier in the spring, his PSA levels are now super duper and he is doing great!

5 - I got a new computer to replace the stolen one. I call him Rupert, Jr.

6 - Rehearsals for Hello, Dolly! are going really well, especially thanks to my fellow Hoosier and stage boyfriend, Noah, who provides me with endless laughs during the many many many many times that we are offstage.

7 - The VA came through with my money for the post-9/11 GI Bill, so for one, the Army followed through on something fairly quickly. I was surprised, for sure.

Ok, that's the news. Hopefully I've have more substance next time!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like all good things! Rupert is such a good computer name, I wish I thought of it myself.