Friday, November 02, 2012

Just a Few Things...

We sat down and went over our House Project list, prioritizing the 10 most important to get done at the moment.  And wow, it's one thing to know there's a lot you would like to do with your house, but to see it all on paper is terrifying:

See?  Scary.
And for for an extra panic-factor?  We found out we are moving next summer.  Jon is moving to Alabama and I'm moving to Maryland.  No, we aren't getting a divorce, it's just that we got stationed apart from each other in the Air Force for about 9 months.  Jon is going to go to school at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama for 9 months and while he's there I'll stay at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where I work now.  To save commute time, I'll move to a house right outside of base.  With two babies to take care of by myself, I'll need all the extra time I can get!

Anyway, here's the list typed out (the starred ones are priorities), and hopefully as we knock things off, I can give some updates to how we are doing.

  • Fix kitchen door leading to deck **
  • Put the laminate flooring in the kitchen
  • Get new kitchen countertops
  • Get new appliances
  • Paint the kitchen walls
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets
  • Get a cool backsplash
  • Finish the living room floor by adding the molding around the edges **
  • Paint the living room walls
  • Hang the television on the wall
  • Attach furniture to walls (babyproofing)
  • Turn front closet into mudroom
  • Paint the stripes in the bathroom
  • Patch the front door **
  • Attach a kickplate to the front door **
  • Fix the front porch discrepancies that our HOA reported **
  • Paint the front door frame **
  • Fix the cracked master bedroom wall
  • Paint the master bedroom
  • Put a ceiling light in the master bedroom
  • Organize and paint the master closet
  • Replace the master bath floor
  • Paint the master bath
  • Redo the master bath vanity
  • Replace the master bath faucet
  • Paint the 2nd bathroom upstairs
  • Replace the 2nd bathroom floor
  • Redo the 2nd bathroom vanity
  • Replace the 2nd bathroom faucet
  • Paint Avery's room
  • Change out all door handles in the house
  • Childproof Avery's room **
  • Childproof the upstairs bathrooms **
  • Fix the master bath toilet **
  • Paint the downstairs guest room
  • Get new carpeting downstairs
  • Replace the basement door leading to the backyard
  • Organize our storage area in the basement **
  • Replace laundry room door (Dash destroyed in during a thunderstorm)
  • Open up the laundry room storage **
  • Fix air conditioner
  • Adjust window in guest room
  • Replace/pain the deck
  • Fix the outside window frames
So....that's not too bad, right?  Right?  Ugh, better get to work.  This list doesn't include small projects like buying curtains, installing blinds, general decorating, etc.  It's a bit overwhelming to look at it all typed out, but we are determined to knock through as much of this as we can before we move again.  Wish us luck, and we'll update you on our progress monthly!

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