Friday, September 26, 2014

How lovely

I'm not a huge Prairie Home companion fan, but every morning, I listen to Garrison Keillor read a poem on NPR and tell me who has a birthday.  There was a poem the other day that was so sweet, I had to share.  It really put things into perspective for me:

One Good Thing, by Edwin Romand

It's been a dead parade

of hours since 5 AM
a march of the bland
with the meaningless and
I can think of nothing
I have done to merit
mentioning or

But now, at 8 pm,
I am bathing my son
in a tub filled with bubbles
and blue battleships,
the soapy water over
his Irish white skin
makes him glisten
like a glazed doughnut

and I should tell him
to stop splashing
but this is the first time
all day I have felt like living
so how can I scold
my boy who's found joy
in something ordinary
as water? And when

I wash his hair
with Buzz Lightyear
shampoo, Liam
closes his eyes and
smiles like a puppy
being petted as I massage 
the sweet lotion into 
his red curls and I know

this is one good thing
I have done with my life
this day that has waited
for this moment
of water on my sleeve
and soap on my nose
to turn emptiness
into ecstasy.

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